Brew Kombucha Sponsors Greenpop Reforest Fest 2023











For years, Brew Kombucha has supported and grown with Greenpop Reforest festival, along with some amazing like minded people and brands.

What is the 'Greenpop Reforest Festival'?

Gathering together for a great cause, top notch live music and an awesome family atmosphere, it's a fantastic camping event!

This year 1000 people planted 5000 indigenous trees, pushing out the borders of  vulnerable indigenous forests. 

In 2023, the festival was hosted at the beautiful Bodhi Kaya, which neighbors Platbos, where the festival has been hosted in previous years. The farms share a an old indigenous forest. Platbos has a milkwood tree which is 1000 years old, and the forest trees are adorned with beautiful lichen beards!  

Teams at the Greenpop reforest festival planted indigenous trees such as wild olives and wild peaches. 5000 trees which are the first of 20000 which will be planted by Greenpop's ongoing efforts during the course of this year.

Brew Kombucha quenched thirsty tree planters again at this year's festival, and Brew was on tap to refill each festival goer's reusable jar. The festival encourages using your own eating utensils, and carefully caters for the correct upcycling, recycling and composting of any waste that occurs on site.

Greenpop has worked tirelessly to promote and educate how to care for our natural environment and build an incredible team spirit around planting trees and caring for our indigenous habitats. 

If you are yet to experience a Greenpop reforest festival, we highly recommend  getting your early bird tickets to join in next year! 


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