Want to know more about Brew?

Because Brew's Ingredients are certified organic, we source Rooibos from the Cederberg Mountains, tea from a Sri Lankan carbon neutral farm that uplifts local communities, cut green sugarcane from Brazil where jungle wildlife live amongst the sugar cane, and indigenous medicinals from South Africa. We are planning to be actively involved in the journey towards organic and regenerative farming in South Africa that will enable us to source more of our ingredients closer to home where possible.
Brew's suppliers are carefully chosen to care for nature and people by measuring each supplier on our ethics scale.
Brew's packaging is environmentally preferred.  We use recycled materials and our outgoing product is 99% single use plastic free. It is at the heart of our business to constantly research and develop better sustainable solutions that reach beyond our own business.
Brew has an epic team and we love and care for each other. We invest in our employees so they can grow and up skill within the business. We hope to stimulate a positive energy team culture and grow organically like the layers of a scoby. Our slogan "sparkling energy culture" is a play on words for both our team and our product.
Brew's unique rooibos recipe was crafted with careful fermentation. We use premium ingredients to make a premium product, which is taste tested every time and tested in the lab too, for the perfect natural bubble and balance of sweet and sour.
Brew treads lightly. We use products from nature that have been lab-tested to santize our brewery. This means no harsh chemicals. We have carefully designed our manufacturing process to reuse 90 percent of our processing water to care for this natural resource.
Brew's wastewater is minimal and contains no toxins because of careful manufacturing.  We donate our excess waste water where possible. Of the little other waste we produce, we compost, recycle and reuse 98%.  100% of our product packaging is recyclable.
Brew offers a choice for consumers to buy a green product. We support environmental suppliers to further innovate green solutions and build awareness about environmental business.
Good for nature, good for you and delicious too: certified organic and made with organic ingredients. This means  no pesticides, full of rooibos antioxidants and indigenous medicinals, naturally occurring probiotics and Vitamins C and B12!
Brew is involved with various organisations in South Africa that Champion the environment and aim to support them further as our business grows.
Brew's Logistics have been optimised to be more efficient and we try to keep our carbon footprint small when delivering to all our epic customers.