Campaign for Women's Month

Female Founders


Thanks to Faithful to Nature for the shoutout about Brew Kombucha, a female founded and owned business. 

During this Women's Month, they had some very enlightening statistics about businesses in South Africa founded by females. The national average of female founded businesses in South Africa is only 19%!

Check out Faithful To Nature's push to support women-founded businesses with purpose  during this month of August, celebrating the strength, resilience, and creativity of women entrepreneurs together.

Faithful to Nature features 703 brands on their site, of which 43% are female founded, which is well above the National average! 

At Brew Kombucha, we believe that everyone is a team player, and we are all working towards success together. Our management team happens to be 100% female! We are proud of the strength of each and every member who brews the Brew and gets it into the hands of our loyal customers.

It was such an amazing experience to meet and connect with some powerful and sensitive female entrepreneurs, during the Faithful to Nature Campaign!

Check out these epic female founded brands, whose founders were also featured in the Faithful To Nature Campaign:





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