Why Kombucha makes an excellent cocktail this Spring! A tonic for good health.

It might be a chillier Spring than usual, but we are getting excited about warm weather and celebrating health and happiness with some immune boosting cocktails! Happy Spring Day South Africa!

Healthy Kombucha Cocktail

For the foodies at heart, and anyone looking to welcome in the new, how about a  fantastic Gin & a Tonic for  good health: Kombucha! The combination is dreamy; you have the sweetness and fizziness, but the tartness of the fermentation too. It’s low sugar, full of goodness, and a totally delicious ‘healthy cocktail’. Scroll down to see how you can make a Buchu Babe cocktail yourself!

Whilst you are whipping that up, let’s reflect on some of our bucket list of favourite things to do during spring in South Africa:

  • The beautiful West Coast flowers ( they are showing off!)
  • The waves are good for a surf at Muizenberg, and the wind hasn’t started yet!
  • Getting outside to explore more and breathe in the fresh Spring air!

We really do recommend a perfect sundowner for that chill out, at the peak of a long hike or even that lazy Sunday afternoon, catching some rays at home with loved ones.

So here is a beautiful recipe we have put together for you, which we mightily recommend!  Who needs an old classic, if you can swop it out for a tonic for your good health and celebrate new beginnings this Spring!

Gin & a tonic for your health: Kombucha


2 shots of Gin (we recommend @clemengold_gin)

1 tsp of coconut blossom sugar/ honey 

Hand full of mint leaves

1 bottle of Brew Kombucha Buchu Babe

1 lime


Place the mint leaves and lime wedges into each glass. Use a muddler to crush the mint and lime to release the mint oils and lime juice.  Fill the glass almost to the top with ice. Pour the  gin over the ice and then finally, fill the glass with your Buchu Babe! 💚 👏🏾  Stir and garnish with the remaining lime wedges and...voila! Be kind to yourself with a less naughty cocktail! CHEERS!

And we aren’t the only ones that think this is a good mixer, have a look at what people are saying about it here!

If you aren’t too familiar with it yet, Kombucha is known to contain naturally occurring probiotics that promote healthy bacteria in the gut, which aid with digestion. Like other fermented foods and drinks, kombucha also boasts a number of other health benefits, which can give your gut a healthy, natural pick-me-up.

You can order Brew Kombucha for front door delivery at brewkombucha.co.za

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