Suppliers we dig!

Brew Kombucha takes the extra mile to source the kind of suppliers we are proud of working with, and this goes beyond the beautiful organic ingredients that make up your favourite kombucha. What about the outer packaging?

Our boxes are made locally, with 100% recycled board by Viro Packaging Solutions. So recyclable paper which is collected in South Africa (the paper you are diligently recycling) goes back into the manufacturing of Brew Kombucha boxes. Meaning no trees were cut down in the making of our boxes!

Our amazing suppliers Viro Packaging Solutions focus on locally manufacturing from secondary materials. This keeps products and materials out of landfill and contributes to the circular economy. They create value and jobs and reduce waste!

This is the kind of supplier we dig, as they dig deep to make sure that they are doing things right!  

Please recycle your Brew Kombucha bottles, caps and cadboard, to keep the circular economy turning. 

Did you know?

If you put the aluminium screw caps from our bottles, into another bigger aluminium can before dividing your recycling, the caps are more like to reach the recycling plant. Small things get lost! Help make it easier to get them made into new things again.



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