This month, Brew Kombucha is helping donate to the Surf Pop foundation with you!


Surfpop is a foundation which uses a powerful formula of surfing, education and nutrition to give children from South African townships the best chance at living life to the fullest: active, healthy and in touch with nature! They empower them to access sustainable employment after school to truly lift themselves out of poverty and positively impact their families, social networks and community. Currently, Surfpop works with 34 children from Masiphumelele township. It is their dream to give more children the opportunity to join!

Brew Kombucha has a long standing relationship with the amazing work by the team at the Surfpop Foundation and believe that they are using appreciation and passion for the environment to improve wellness of mind and body, and to create true upliftment for young people!  Brew Kombucha know's that their customers care about these things too! Here is a chance to be a part of this incredible story...YOU CAN BE A PART OF THIS!

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Need some idea of how much to donate?

  • R10 for a nutritious meal for one child
  • R30 for an after-school class for one child
  • R50 for a surf lesson for one child
  • R100 for a surf lesson, an after-school class and two nutritious meals
  • R250 for two surf lessons, three after-school classes and five nutritious meals