Buchu Babe (340ml Single)

Buchu Babe (340ml Single)

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Try our award-winning and delicious Buchu Babe, for it’s light, refreshing flavor and for it’s numerous health benefits! 

Buchu is indigenous to South Africa, it is harvested from the dried leaves obtained from three species of Barosma. At Brew Kombucha we love to do the legwork for you, taking away all the bitterness and leaving behind an organic, minty green and uplifting experience. With international recognition for our eco brand story and brewing methods, we have treated our Buchu Babe with care! So of course, Buchu Babe will care for you too.

Buchu is a miracle plant! It has been known to reduce inflammation and blood pressure as well as to treat kidney and urinary tract infections. Add this to your gut health and immune-boosting kombucha regime and you will be smiling!

We are beyond excited to announce that Buchu Babe won DOUBLE GOLD at the 2020 International Aurora Taste Challenge!

Pack Size:  340ml

(This is unpasteurized Kombucha, please keep it refrigerated.)

Certified Organic

Certified Kosher

We aren’t the only ones who think you should try it:

Kombucha always
By Connor
"Tastes superb"

Less sugar and taste better.
By Nqo
"It is the best Kombucha I have ever tried. It doesn't have a lot of sugar, I enjoyed it."

By Robyn
"Delish and I love that all the ingredients are organic."