Clearly we're putting only the best stuff in, but what are we getting out? 

It's not just us who think it is the good stuff! Brew Kombucha is proven to contain Vitamin B and Vitamin C. The probiotic span, occurs as it would in nature, varying as to quantity and strain. If you include probiotics in your diet, it's much easier for the body to assimilate in micro doses and it should improve your gut health overall.  

Why sugar? Good probiotic rich Kombucha can't be made properly without sugar, because the yeast and bacteria culture need it to grow.  So that is why we use such special and high grade organic stuff.  Most of the organic sugar is consumed during the process of fermentation, and because every bottle has a living culture, and is raw kombucha, the sugar content will continue to drop after bottling. That's 2.47 grams per 100ml, which is about half a spoon of organic, cut green and unrefined sugar, from a farm where wildlife live amongst the sugarcane! It's something your body understands and the kombucha loves!

At Brew, we don't believe Kombucha should taste like vinegar! We know that just because it's good for you, doesn't mean it has to taste bad - right?  Good Kombucha tastes amazing.  It's a delicate balance that we have mastered. 

Typical Nutritional information

Nutrient Per 100ml
Energy 42.5 KJ
Carbohydrate 2.51 g
of which total sugar* ≤2.47 g

*At time of bottling, sugars continually decrease due to fermentation.

This is a raw, unpasteurised fermentation, which is likely to contain a broad span of naturally-occurring probiotics.

NB: Because Brew Kombucha is not pasteurised, it needs to be stored in a cold environment.